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Thought over making money online from home without investing? They are actually thousands of ways one can make money online but what should be on your mind is that:

• Are they real and legit

• Are they trusted and reliable

• Do they pay

• How does it work

If you can quickly check out my other post about make money online you will find many different money making opportunities online which you might so much be interested to be doing right now but aside of that, we are talking about online survey and it affiliate program so let us don’t be carried away by the look of things because they is no time by our side when it comes to “Let’s make this money online together“.

What Is An Online Survey

From the first line of this content, the reason why I’d mentioned making money online is because, it is extremely possible for one to make money online through the use of online survey companies but before we go deeper about this particular topic and how possible it is, let’s know the definition of it and how it works first.

” It is said that, it is a programmed questionnaire web form format that deals with the appropriate used of a JavaScript, php, HTML and some CSS stylesheet designs or coding having a stored databased which target the users experience through the frontend method of answers from it audiences which is the best and appropriate definition of Online Survey

Examples Illustrated Below

Example 1.0 : Who Directed You To Us?

a) Google

b) A friend

c) From A Blog

d) Through an affiliate link

e) None of the above

Example 1.1 : How Would You Rate Our Services?

a) 3 stars

b) 5 stars

c) 2 stars

d) 4 stars

e) No stars

Example 1.3 : How Do We Serve You Today?

a) Good

b) Bad

c) Need to improved

d) Trying but poor

e) None

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The above illustrations is a good example of an online survey website so to earn money from it, is when you give an answer to the question giving to you, with this, it improves the website services by letting them know their user experience of their blog and they instantly pay you for expressing your feelings too.

Top 10+ Best Paying Online Survey Companies In 2019 – 2020

Due to some positive reasons, we have written about the below mentioned list on another post and they are:

• Online Survey Companies In Nigeria

• Online Survey Companies In USA

• Online Survey Companies In Malaysia

• Online Survey Companies In India

You may click on them to read the full contents about it or kindly check the homepage for a direct link to read more about the list above.

Highest Paying And Trusted Online Survey Websites That Pay With Commission

Some of them mode of payment are been done through bank transfer, PayPal payment, bitcoin payment, skrill, stripe, paytm, western union or wire transfer, amazon gift card or iTunes gift card etc.

SwagBucks: I could easily remember that on my previous post about money making apps, swagbucks was mentioned as one of the best paying android app of making money apps but aside of that, swagbucks pays you for watching over 12 to 15 minutes videos online, buying things online and as well taking part of their survey. You would get instant payment of $5 when you sign up as a newly registered member also get paid for referring more users with your referral link to the platform.

MindSwarms: Let’s not be partial and crucial to things that are right when trying to mentioned the best and trusted paying survey websites because mindswarms is one of the popular well known as the best online video survey website that will pay you a minimum of $50 instantly as soon as you complete taking or participating on their online survey and it is said that payment are been done within the range of 12 hours to 24 hours maximum time through the use of PayPal.

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Panda Research: Apart from the content written on get paid to walk, it is also possible enough that one can get paid for reading emails, replying to emails and also sending emails through panda research website or program and it is said that participating as a panda research users or member, you will be paid a minimum of $50 after reading emails successfully through the use of PayPal payment.




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