Menele Is Dead As He Was Shot By Men In Uniform On June 15th 2019

picture of manele

Menele Gberegbara has been confirmed that he is dead due to the gun shot, Menele Gberegbara is a well known local chief as the village head of Vopba in a community of Gokana local government area at B.dere in Rivers state as the news was confirmed that he is dead.

On a eye witnessed, it is said that the people who killed Menele Gberegbara through the use of gun shot are seen as a uniformed men believing that they may be the Nigerian Army which the painful exit event took place on Sunday which is June 15th, 2019 and also know that the dead body was taking away by the millitary men on uniform

Moreover, as we are mourning about the death of the village head chief, we are still waiting to know why Menele Gberegbara was killed or murdered on Sunday.

Therefore, below are the graphic photos Menele Gberegbara lying dead as he was shot

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