How To Make Money Online Without Paying A Dime

How To Make Money Online Without Paying A Dime
How To Make Money Online Without Paying Anything

It is very much possible that one can make money online without paying a dime, be it living in Nigeria, US, Canada, Malaysia, India, Pakistan, Kenya and South Africa and so on because it doesn’t matter where you come from or what country you living in but as much as you can be able to read, write and understand then you got a head straight up.

Do you know that one can make nothing less than $100 daily or N50, 000 online without paying a dime or without saving or investing? On a subject of “How To Make Money Online” it has so many ways you can easily make money online either by some of this business ideas or opportunities etc.

Top 10 Easy And Quick Ways To Make Money Without Paying A Dime: ( Start Online Business with Zero Capital N0.0k / $0 )

1: Become a Blogger

Be a blogger is also a quick way to make money online while blogging which I would call it “Blog 2 Earn Online” because blogging pay than been idle. Today when we are to mention either:

• The top richest bloggers in Nigeria 2018/2019

• The top richest bloggers in India 2018/2019

• The top richest bloggers in USA America 2018/2019

• The top richest bloggers in Canada 2018/2019

• The top richest bloggers of all time in history

Then you will notice what none of them listed would have nothing less than a million naira in his or her account as a blogger on their network or do you want to talk about Neil Patel, Harsh Argawal, Lindaikeji, Jide Ogunsanya, Afeez Makinde and many more of them who might be richer than some of this celebrities today.

Like I said earlier, owning a blog depending on the riches is one of the best, fastest and easiest ways to make money online.

Top 7 Lucrative Highest Paying Blog Niche You Can Make Money Online With As A Blogger

I love paving ways on any of my articles so as it could be easy to understand. Like the above saying where I mentioned depending on a niche determines if you can be able to make money blogging online. However, below are the highest paying niche listed below which are.’

• Affiliate Marketing Niche

• Business Niche

• Insurance Niche

• Car Niche

• Law Niche

• Finance Niche

• Product Review Niche: It can either be business, websites, app or product review

• Education Niche

• Forum Portal

• Entertainment Niche

• Health Niche

• Bitcoin Niche

• Technology Niche

Note that starting a niche blog doesn’t mean money will start coming quickly or easy but you must put more effort by getting some traffic and ranking (simply mean, gather the Fame first) before you start seeing some increase. Want to know how to grow your niche blog traffic from 0% to 99? Click Here, it’s an eBook written by an expert because I’m as well using the formula written on it and is really working for me. They is no doubt about it because you can see how good this blog Mycareerkid is doing and it traffic stats, ranking etc. so I urge you to get yours.

Bonus Read Also How to Create a Niche Blog Easily

2: Vlogging

Starting to become a Vlogger is sometime stressful because as a newbies on vlogging, they are process you need to undergo before earning online as a vlogger.

3: Take Online Survey

Talking online survey is one of the faster and easy way to make money online either as a teenager, student or without spending a dime online.

What I mean by take online survey to increase your online income is by answering most of the questionnaire or poll vote on a website though you may read more about Online Survey because have discussed much about it on my other article; there you will know and see how you can easily earn an recurring commission from the list of the highest paying survey company .

4: Teach Online

You can as well make money online by teaching student or by doing their assignment for them based on your learning skills or profession or subject which you can help on.

Talking about make money online by teaching people, they are absolutely 5 legitimate and highest paying online teaching job websites which are listed blow and briefly explained about them.

5: Start A Seminar

One can make money by hosting a seminar about either a difficult or trending topic at the moment. So starting a seminar can as well fetch you some cool money and easy cash depending on your seminar price and it work.

Examples of seminars are like:

• Your empowerment program: how to start mini importation business in Nigeria with zero capital

• Live seminar: learn how to create a word press blog and android apps for websites freely.

• Business finance: how to start plain and pattern business in Nigeria and where to buy cheap plain and pattern material.

• Exportation and Importation business in Nigeria: how to import cars in Nigeria cheap used cars under $10,000 car insurance companies

Starting or hosting a seminar, you must make sure it create awareness and as well bring job opportunities to the society so as you and your student will benefit from it.

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We recommend you the above list of topics for you to read and gain.

6: Become a freelancer

Online freelance job is one of the most known and common ways to earn money online because of too many types of freelance progression. On a topic of how to become a successful freelancer, you must have or acquire one skill or more than your opponent because the more skills and experiences you have, you can easily earn incomes online without paying a dime. They are types of freelancing jobs, profession or skills which fetch me same bucks of money into my bank account which are:

7: Selling of eBooks

On freelancing job types on my own aspect of earning I sell eBooks written by me with no copyright infringement and as well books for all not only for 18 people because kids too need to learn how to make money online as a kid.

So moreover examples below are types of eBooks.

• How to make money online as a Vlogger: for my vlogging course to go viral, I have to put some deceptive description like:

• How to be a successful Vlogger

• How to start a Vlogging online as a newbie

• How to gain more watch hour on your Vlogging videos

• Top 5 free vlogging online tools requirement

How to rank your youtube videos as a Vloggers after giving such a description about my Vlogging eBook course, then because of that I can boost that I will get some safes and make money online selling eBooks without paying a dime.

8: Do Seo For Others

They are thousands of bloggers who want to rank first always on any search engine networks like google so to be able to make money, you have to acquire this type of skills by doing seo for business companies just like the below list of companies and where they can found.

• Seo Companies in Dubai

• Seo Companies in India

• Seo Companies in USA

• Seo Companies in UK

• Seo Companies in Pakistan

9: Write For Others

You can as well make money online as a writer and they are so many online jobs that pay you for writing and they even pay more than some companies who pay monthly salaries. Therefore let’s see the list of them and their payout

• Ceo Hangout will pay you $50 per articles

• Freelancemom will pay $100 per articles

• Dame education will pay you $200 per articles

• Income diary will pay $200 per articles

Those are the few list of them while on my already published articles on a mentioned you may as well read more about the top 25+ highest paying freelance writing job and see their reviews too.

10: Affiliate Marketing

To be a successful affiliate marketer is what you have to consider first because as an affiliate marketing expert, you can earn incomes online by naming any affiliate because helping a company to run it affiliate program, you gain some recurring commission and can be able to make money online as an affiliate.

Top 5 Highest Paying Recurring Affiliate Programs That Pays Their Affiliates

Talking about affiliate program that pays, they are thousands of hundred but few are real and legit though, due to time consumption, I have giving you the best paying recurring affiliate programs that every affiliate marketer should mostly focus on.

• Click bank affiliate program

• Aweber affiliate program

• Livechat inc affiliate program

• Elegant themes affiliate program

• Leadpages affiliate program

Those are the list of affiliate program every affiliate should join though you may checkout the full list of highest paying recurring affiliate programs with commission .

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