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Get Paid For Walking 2019
Get Paid For Walking 2019 – 2020

This is another tremendous ways or lucrative ways one can make money online as a teenager, students, graduates, workers etc for taking an exercise which is part of your most known hobbies by everyone, you can get paid for walking with this great list of highest get paid to walk apps { Make Your Hobbies Your Incomes }.

Get paid to walk apps are built by some great innovating entrepreneur companies and are mainly used in united state of America, New York, Canada or so on but ever since I was introduced by a friend of mine living in DC Washington about how I can get paid for walking, I was shocked with surprised at first when I heard such from her mouth but at the same time, I was eager to know how it works. We both sat down at the football field, somewhere cool and calm and there she taught me everything which I need to know about how does get paid to walk apps works with a video proof and as well some payment proof of hers too.

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Below is the video she shared to me and you mat also watched it and keep reading this content so as you can benefit from the two side of a coin just like she showed me the way, same exactly is what am sharing here too.

How Does Get Paid To Walk Apps Works

* Getting started, you have to download any of the below apps either on Google PlayStore, iOS app store or through their official website of get paid to walk apps.

* Some of the apps required you to hit some specific given number of daily target so as your earning will keep on increasing, so it is recommended to you that after downloading the apps, installed the apps then you are to click the “Get Started” process after running the apps by opening it. There, you will be giving the daily hit target you must get on your dashboard before accessing to earn more from the apps.

* Some may required you to register an account before proceeding.

* Obviously that the above processes has been done correctly, then to increase your earning, its either you put your android phone inside your pocket as you walk or use a wrist phone band, the more you walk, the more your earning increases.

Top 5 Get Paid To Walk Apps Requirement

Not everyone can be eligible to use some of this apps due to the requirement needed but However, below are the few things needed to be eligible to use any of the apps.

¶ An updated android phone, iOS phone or iPhone

¶ A strong internet connection

¶ A phone with motion sensor and GPS

¶ Users must be from eligible countries depending stated by the get paid to walk companies

¶ A PayPal account or any required one listed by the company so as you can be paid once you hit the minimum cash out threshold.

FAQs: Top 5 Possible Questions And Answers About Get Paid To Walk

Below are the top questions and answers which I called FAQs about get paid to walk and how it could be helpful a lot to you as you get paid for walking.

√ Is it real or scam?

• According to the list written here, they are all legitimate and real but no scam record detected against them and as well, they is no need to invest on it with your money.

√ How much is the registration fee?

• The registration is absolutely free and you don’t need to pay for instant account approval or activation.

√ Does it support GDPR compliances for the EU countries?

• Most of them does such.

√ How do I register?

• The registration can either be done on their official website or through the apps.

√ How do I get paid for walking

• The payment process depend on the types of get paid to walk app you chooses to start with.

√ Are African countries like nigeria eligible?

• No but only the tier 1 country like USA, UK, Canada etc.

Top 5 Best Paying Get Paid To Walk Apps For Android Phone, IOS Phone, Smartphone

Some of the get paid to walk apps listed here pay more than $50 or $100 daily and definitely, most of their payment method are done through PayPal, stripe, skrill, bitcoins, wire transfer, bank transfer, iTunes gift card etc.

* Achievement : This is one of the best use walking apps that earn you rewards in cash whereby you can earn up to $10 for every 10,000 points by sleeping, reading, weighing yourself as an exercise, tweeting about your health status on Twitter but it is said that you can only earn upto 80 points daily while trying to earn 10,000 points, it may take a while or some month like 4 before you can achieve such amount of points and earn from it.

* Charity Miles App : This is one of the get paid for walking for charity donations which requires your phone GPS and the motion sensors to track all the equivalent and availability of your mileage while they don’t really pay for walking but only for the dedication of the workout schedule.

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